Stats Details

Okay, I’m a numbers guy, and I have to admit a certain addiction to the whole blog-visit statistics thing.  Since I make some numbers available for public view, I am compelled to clarify a few things.  I’m the only one who cares about this, right?  Thought so.

First, a system change around 2011-Oct-01 resulted in the stats no longer counting bots/crawlers.  So the total number of hits displayed is a somewhat heterogeneous number.  It stood at 292,000 at the time of the change.  I have found that bots and humans arrive in comparable numbers (152k bots vs. 140k humans in this interval), so that the rate of increase after 2011-Oct-01 is about half what it would have been in the first scheme.

Second, I only added the share stuff in early September 2011, so the share numbers are only representative of reaction after 2011-Sept-09.  Even so, the first two posts are the gifts that keep on giving…

As of June 2012, I have added view statistics for the most popular pages. At present, this messes up total site statistics displayed, and only the first pair of stats on each page is valid. I’ll work out a fix soon, but for now only the front page has valid total stats, and you may have to view a post by itself to see valid stats for the readership of that page.

Sometime in 2013, the stats for the site broke entirely, losing the history, and not properly counting thereafter. It has not been a priority to fix.  All I know is that the total number of human pageviews exceeds 3 million as of early 2014.  At this point, stats for the site cannot be trusted.

Now you can go back to what you were doing.