Metastatic Modernity Video Series

This page serves to put the Metastatic Modernity video series (introduced here) in one convenient place, in chronological order. Each entry has a title, a one-line description of the content, the embedded video (can also click at lower left to watch on YouTube where comments and chapter navigation appear), and a link to the associated complementary write-up.

Episode 1: Stage IV

What is modernity and what does this series aim to do?

The companion write-up is Metastatic Modernity Launch.

Episode 2: Cosmology

Astrophysical perspective on our insignificance

The companion write-up is MM#2: Cosmology.

Episode 3: Early Life

The tremendous problem-solving upon which we utterly rely today

The companion write-up is MM#3: Early Life.

Episode 4: Evolution

Simple, elegant, and subtle in the context of a co-evolved community

The companion write-up is MM#4: Evolution.

Episode 5: Our Biological Inheritance

Almost everything we are is gifted by ancestry

The companion write-up is MM#5: Our Biological Inheritance.

Episode 6: Accidental Tourists

We aren’t the pinnacle, purpose, or destiny of evolution

The companion write-up is MM#6: Accidental Tourists.

Episode 7: Timeline

Putting modernity into context as a flash in terms of relevant timescales

Episode 8: Ecological Nosedive

Documenting the explosive start of the sixth mass extinction

Episode 9: Fireworks!

How did we fall into this trap? Who’s idea was it? This is weird.

Episode 10: Just Ditch the Bad?

Can we keep the nifty parts and just jettison the ill effects?

Episode 11: What About Renewables?

Won’t we solve the problems via technology?

Episode 12: Human Supremacy

How we became such narcissists and why it’s deeply problematic

Episode 13: A Species out of Context

A terminal departure from our evolved, ecological context

Episode 14: Cancer Analog

Humans are a victim of this self-terminating disease, and at great risk

Episode 15: What Now?

A difficult transition looms. What to expect and how we might react

Episode 16: Perspective Synthesis

Tying it all together toward a unified outlook

Episode 17: Humility back in Human

Establishing who we really are, valuing the truly important

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