Temporary Lull

Initiating this blog, I wanted to get a few posts out quickly so folks could get a feel for the nature of the content.  On that score, the previous post on 100-mpg cars is probably most representative of future content.

I’ve got dozens of ideas for future posts that I am eager to share, but I will pace myself to about one new substantial post per week (would be hard to sustain more, given demands of my job).  Since the Energy Bulletin is running these posts as a series, I don’t want to get too far ahead of their weekly publication schedule.  As such, I will sit on my heels for a bit until we’re synchronized.  So thanks for your patience, and keep a lookout for the next post sometime around the first week of August.

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2 thoughts on “Temporary Lull

  1. Very interesting blog!

    In case you don’t know about it yet: I think you would enjoy “Sustainable Energy, Without the Hot Air” (www.withouthotair.com), also a physicist-type analysis of energy consumption and potential sustainable energy sources focusing on Britain.

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